Ryan Edwards

North Carolina State University
Ryan Edwards

I can confidently say that my life would be completely different if I had never taken my STEM classes in high school. Going into high school, I was interested in many things but I had difficulty finding the field that spoke to me. I was lucky that my high school had many engineering and science centered courses, which allowed me to explore different fields. I took drafting classes, electronics classes, and networking classes but the one that most spoke to me was my Engineering Development and Design class. I enjoyed this class the most because I was free to work on my own project in a small group and learn through experience how to design, prototype, and develop a product. Perhaps even more importantly, I learned how to work as part of a team. These experiences not only helped me in future classes, but proved to be very helpful when I eventually earned an internship.

I would encourage any potential STEM students to take every opportunity they can. Take every class and join every club that interests you so you can find your calling and better prepare yourself for your future. See if there are any classes or clubs that offer you the opportunity to actually build a product or manually make a circuit because those experiences will be what set you apart during your future job hunt.

In 10 years, I hope to be designing robotics. Specifically, biologically inspired robotics. I have always been interested in the complex mechanics required for a machine to perform simple tasks and would love the opportunity to explore possible biological inspirations for future designs.

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