Jules Mueller

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Jules Mueller

In high school, my biology and anatomy-physiology classes really put me into the biological/medical sciences mindset. I just found it so fascinating! Continuing my studies in college has introduced me to all sorts of biomechanics and sports medicine fields—I just know this is where I want to be going with my education and my career.

But as with all really fun things, they take a little preparation to set up. My high school didn’t really prepare me for the amount of studying that is required of science students in college. That being said, it’s really quite simple (if time consuming)—just study. That’s all! I wish I knew my freshman year to sit down with my textbooks and go through them. The thing with sciences is that they’re all connected, so once you can find that connection, you’re golden. And besides, when you are studying your passions, it’s more like satisfying your curiosity than “studying”.

My advice to anyone seeking to pursue studies and careers in the STEM fields is to not stress so much about finding out exactly what you want to do before starting. All you need to start your journey is a general idea of where you want to go. As you move further along in your studies, you will naturally find what you like more and follow that. Things have a way of naturally falling into place.

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