Joella Quiroz

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Joella Quiroz

I am currently a sophomore at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill transferring to East Carolina University for Spring 2014. I still intend to major in Mathematics, with a possible double major in Chemistry. Mathematics, Chemistry, and other sciences came naturally to me in high school. I like dealing with numbers and specific rules, even though there may be exceptions at times. I love these fields of study so much that I want to teach others about them. I intend to be a high school teacher or a college professor in Mathematics or Chemistry. Chemistry and Algebra were my favorite classes in high school, Chemistry and Biology are my favorite classes in college. I like these classes so much mostly because of the teachers who were able to make the learning fun and the information easy to retain.

In college, I have found that studying Mathematics is more intense. To learn this type of Mathematics, practice is important. Also, it is better to understand the concepts instead of knowing specific examples because on a test the problems get more difficult than what was taught or shown in class. I am still adjusting. STEM fields are all about problem solving, so aspiring STEM majors should expect some struggle. For me, I am still struggling in Mathematics, but I love the field. In chemistry, my hard work has begun to pay off as I continue to do better and better in my studies. In five years I expect to be done with college and intend to be working within a university as an instructor in Mathematics or Chemistry.

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