Akela Sheard

Appalachian State University
Akela Sheard

After going to a STEM high school, I was inspired to major in biology in college. Studying the sciences has solidified my choice to become a pediatrician, which is what I plan to be in 10 years. I enjoy the types of classes I have to take for this field. My favorite class in high school was biology. I enjoyed it so much mostly because of my teacher. He was young and fun and he made the class enjoyable. We were able to do projects about interesting topics in the course, and the people I worked with were also very fun to be around. It was this class that made me want to major in biology in college.

For anyone who is going into a STEM field, I would tell them to be ready to work hard. These are not the easiest courses to take, but if they really enjoy it, the hard work will be worth it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I’m swamped with all the homework from my science classes, but at the end of the day, I love the major I have and I’m okay with all the work I have to put in. I would stress to all who are considering STEM fields that they should find a subject they are genuinely interested in. With the right motivation, the path becomes an enjoyable one.

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